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There is nothing that intrigues a smartphone user more than a brilliantly built mobile app. We at Design Conversion build best mobile apps for you.

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App Design Solutions In USA

Our client-centric approach keeps us at the forefront of technological advancements, and we enjoy helping them get there as well. We build apps that alter the way people live, work, and play. Though we like practicality, our passion lies with revolutionary products.

Native Android

We provide native custom reaction apps that are built for Android. React Native Apps combine the best parts of native app development with React, making them truly native without sacrificing user experience.

IOS Apps

we introduce our team of brilliant IOS app developers. In order to accomplish this, they create an interactive interface that makes it possible for users to gain incredible benefits from your products/services with unique iPhone features pertaining to your iOS application.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps, which allow both Android and IOS users to access your product, will generate much more revenue than them separately. It could appear quite a task building an app interface that works equally efficiently and wonderfully on both android and IOS.

Customize Web App

With our web application development services, you can turn your website into a customizable, intelligent, and interactive application, making it easier for your users to navigate. Our strategies are to bring your brand to different types of platforms.

Our Mobile

Development Process

  • Project Scope

    Every project begins with analyzing your objectives, deliverables, targets, and industry specifications, so we develop a perfect strategy from the start.

  • Wireframes

    To help you better understand the functionalities and features of your mobile App, we begin with wireframing the layout first.

  • Design & Development

    Our creative team will assemble the perfect colors, styling, and creative elements for your professional, industry-specific app.

  • Revisions

    When done with the draft our team moves onto revising. We look into more changes which might attract eyes. In this process we also look at the logo from different perspectives.

  • Feedback

    Once you build up your understanding and pick the final designs, our team begin working on the revisions.

  • Beta Testing & App Launch

    Once our clients approve the App, it goes through multiple QA sessions where our QA specialists examine each detail to ensure everything is error-free before launching the App.

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Mobile Apps

The scope of our projects ranges from individual apps for startups to large scale national and international solutions.


Our Packages

We have a complete range of mobile application development packages that are serving the variety of clients we received. Below are some of the packages that our clients loved! Please select the one that suits you:

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Knowing the app category will cut down your competitive research time to a great extent. So, I’ll recommend knowing both the primary and at least one secondary category your mobile app belongs to.

Securing your app is the responsibility of your mobile app development agency. All you can do is emphasize on a stringent mobile app security feature within your app.

If your app is seasonal or focused on any one event, it goes without saying that you make the launch around that time.

Knowing the app category will cut down your competitive research time to a great extent. So, I’ll recommend knowing both the primary and at least one secondary category your mobile app belongs to.


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